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Signing Contract

Using lean six sigma methodology we worked collaboratively with our client to map current intake processes, define areas of inefficiency, and map a new streamlined process. We built further efficiencies into the process through automation. Overall, the revised process will reduce organizational risk, reduce staff time by 12 weeks, and combined lawyer time by over 23 weeks a year.


Our client's strategic plan prioritized a formal professional development program for junior lawyers. We developed a program framework and leveraged the firm's depth of talent and expertise to develop firm specific content. The program aims to integrate junior members into the firm more quickly and allows senior firm members to focus on mentoring and higher level training opportunities.    

Young Businesswomen

We worked one-on-one with a partner seeking to better manage the increasing demands of his practice to focus more fully on client work. We assessed current practices and identified several areas we could optimize. Building on that information, together we developed a plan that he could work at in manageable pieces with ongoing support to become more efficient over time.    


Our client was looking to both expand their practice and build greater depth and expertise in existing practices. Together we worked with them to build a strategic plan to focus both their efforts and resources on where they wanted to go. Moreover, we identified near-term key priorities and developed an implementation plan so they had a clear roadmap for moving forward.

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