Who We Are


‚ÄčKyla Sandwith is the founder of De Novo Inc. and is a catalyst for renewal in the legal industry. She works with lawyers, law firms, and corporate counsel to reimagine the industry and build a new generation of lawyers and law firms that are more agile, responsive, relevant, accessible, and valuable to their clients and the community at large. Kyla encourages out of the box thinking that allows her clients to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, realize greater profits, and improve client satisfaction as well as professional satisfaction. 

Kyla started her legal career in 2000 with a large international law firm practicing in the area of corporate commercial litigation, employment, and insurance defence. During that time she developed a keen interest in law firm operations and management and a drive to reevaluate traditional professional service models for greater efficiency, value, and professional engagement and satisfaction. In 2005 Kyla turned her focus to law firm operations becoming one of the first lawyers in Calgary to focus exclusively on the recruitment and development of students and lawyers. During this time she developed recruitment, training, and professional development programs designed to optimize processes, improve hiring success rates, reduce overall recruitment costs, and improve stakeholder satisfaction with both the process and outcome. In 2012 Kyla moved in house with an international oil & gas company into a unique corporate legal position where she identified opportunities for process improvement and efficiencies within the legal department and lead multi-functional teams in developing and implementing innovative solutions to create better value for the business at lower cost.  

Kyla furthered her expertise in the area of law firm operations and management by becoming one of only two Canadians to have earned a Masters of Professional Studies in Law Firm Management from the George Washington University. 

Capitalizing on her work experience and education, and driven by her passion to spark a renewal in legal management, operations, and legal service delivery, Kyla founded De Novo Inc.. De Novo Inc. is a consulting firm that encourages out of the box thinking, helping lawyers, law firms, corporate counsel reimagine how they work, operate their business, and deliver legal service for greater profitability, client satisfaction, and professional satisfaction. 

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