A strategy or vision for your firm, practice group, administrative group, or professionals is a critical first step to your success. Without a strategy, inefficient resource allocation easily follows, ultimately affecting the bottom line. This is akin to a rowing team pulling in different directions – getting nowhere fast! We can assist you and your organization in the development and implementation of strategic plans at every level of your organization.

Project Management:

Project Management is an effective resource management tool for you and your team whether you need additional resources to implement internal projects or your team wants to enhance their service delivery capabilities. We provide project management services that optimize your firm's resources. We undertake the planning, preparation, and facilitation of the project from start to finish allowing your team to focus primarily on their clients. We also offer education and training on project management tools and techniques for any size of project that will assist your team in optimizing resources and exceeding your clients’ expectations.

Legal Service Delivery:

Now, more than ever, your profitability depends on delivering value to your clients. We can help define what value looks like to your clients and develop and implement the processes, tools, and techniques that will allow you and your team to consistently deliver that value.

Practice Management

The practice of law is rapidly evolving and trying to keep pace with the changing legal landscape while meeting your clients' expectations and professional obligations, not to mention personal and family commitments, is increasingly challenging. We can help you analyze your practice and identify opportunities to better utilize available resources, organize and streamline processes, delegate or outsource tasks, and leverage technology allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.


People Management:

Your people, both lawyers and professional staff, are your greatest asset and resource, so it’s critical to align all aspects of people management with your strategy, to ensure you’re all moving in the same direction. People management includes recruiting, training, personal and professional development, compensation, motivation, and succession planning. We can help you get the best out of your most valuable asset.

Process Optimization:

Reducing or eliminating waste in internal processes and procedures can have a huge impact on cost containment, resource allocation, and ultimately your profitability. This is particularly important for corporate legal departments as well as where flat fee arrangements are offered in private practice.  Using Legal Lean Sigma techniques, we can help you and your team identify and eliminate waste in your processes for greater profitability.

Team Management:

No matter the size, each of your files is a project involving various internal and external team members. A properly managed team utilizes your resources more efficiently and delivers greater client value. We can educate and train your team leaders at all levels to manage and lead teams for optimal performance.

Knowledge Management:

Knowledge is one of your organization’s greatest resources. Efficiently capturing, accessing, and sharing your internal knowledge greatly impacts the value provided to your clients. We can assist in developing or optimizing a knowledge management program that fits your needs and allows you and your team to better leverage internal knowledge to improve profitability and increase satisfaction among your clients.  

Business Development:

Business development is essential to the maintenance and growth of your business. While a business development strategy is crucial, success also requires buy-in at all levels of the organization to avoid dissipation of your resources. We can help you develop a strategy and achieve buy-in to ensure your business development resources remain focused on your organization’s goal. 

At De Novo Inc. we believe that improved profitability and differentiation in the marketplace comes down to two practices:

Efficient management of your internal resources & Delivery of valuable legal services to your clients.

With a focus on these practices, De Novo Inc. delivers practical and customized solutions, education, training, process audits, and project management services for your lawyers, law firm, or corporate legal department.

 We focus on your needs. See below for a list of our customizable services and contact us to discuss what we can do for you!


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